Clockwork Angel Book Review

imagesClockwork Angel is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. It is set in London during the late 18th century. It follows the story of Tessa Gray, a New Yorker, who finds that her brother Nathaniel went missing and the only way to ensure his survival is to comply with the Dark Sisters who kidnapped her. Weeks went by and Tessa Gray was forced to shape shift. She was forced into using her power in preparation for her marriage to the Magister, the owner of the pandemonium club. The adventure begins when the Shadowhunters rescued her from the demons. She stayed at the London Institute where she was treated nicely, a family she could call her own. She met Will Herondale a charismaric, egotistical Shadowhunter and his parabatai Jem Carstairs, a sweet and caring character who has a passion for violin. This story uncovers the true meaning of love and friendship.

Before I started reading this series, I already read the first 4 books of the The Mortal Instruments series (TMI). It helped me see the connections between the two series. All the characters and the world building is fastastic and woven together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Cassandra Clare’s writing is poetic, gripping and it captures the reader’s attention. The characters are so believable and relatable. I read this for only two consecutive days. I could not put it down. trilogy changed my views of how I see the world. It makes me appreciate and crave more for literature and poetry. I become obsessed with Will and Jem who are irresistably and undeniably gorgeous. I ran out of words to express how much I love this book. I have a mixed emotions while reading this book. I was laughing out loud whenever Will tells jokes in a sarcastic way.

The one thing I like about this book is its love triangle. Will have the same love and passion for reading books. Tess and Will could relate with each other because they have the same passion for reading. They like to discuss and recommend books to one another thus making them closer to each other. The books mentioned in this series are A Tale of Two Cities and The Great Expectations. Jem has this passion for music. He’s so caring, calm and pure hearted. I could not choose between Jem and Will. I love the chemistry of Will and Tessa and Jem and Tessa.

Indeed the quote says it all, One musts always be careful with books and what is inside them for words have a power to change us. This book changed my life and views of the world. It makes me realize that true love and friendship conquers all even the darkest magic. We all have those moments where we feel hopeless and grief but then there is always hope that will guide us in the darkness. It’s true, we might feel that the world is against us and we suffer because of pain but in the end of the tunnel, there is always a light. We will soon find that there is still hope inside us. I could clearly relate to Tessa Gray. Even though she was tortured by the Dark Sisters, she never gave up hope. Soon the Shadowhunters found her. I admire her strength, power and cleverness. I love what she have done in the end. It’s truly inspiring.

I highly recommend this book if you’re in the mood for fantasy reads. I definitely enjoyed this book. It’s my first time reading a Historical Fiction that is set in Victorian London. I gave this a solid 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads. I do recommend reading first the TMI before reading TID. It helps me see the connections between the two novels. Thank you Cassandra Clare for this another fun and exhilirating roller coaster ride. I’m looking forward for more Shadowhunter novels soon!



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