Liebster Award

I recently created my own book blog. I still don’t have a lot of followers and reviews but thanks to ate Nica of queennicaybooks for tagging me to do the Liebster Award. It’s my first challenge since I created this blog. Visit and follow her account. You’ll love her amazing and girly account.

The Rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

Here are the questions and my answers

  1. Worst book you’ve read this 2015?

The worst book I’ve read this year was I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. (Okay, don’t kill me.) I know a lot of you love this series but It’s not my type. I’m Sorry

  1. Did you finish the goodreads challenge 2015? Why? Why not?

YES! I read a total of 51 out of 50 books this year. I manage to catch up last November because I’ve read 19 books.

  1. Favourite dessert?

I scream for ice cream!!

  1. Most anticipating book in 2016?

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

  1. If you will be an animal, what would it be and why?

I want to be a bird. My ultimate dream is to fly and be free from reality and negativity.

  1. What is/are your biggest mistake/s?

My biggest mistake is to never have enough confidence to follow what my heart is saying.

  1. What was your favourite place that have you visit?

Bookstore. It’ll always be my favourite place.

  1. Who is your inspiration in your life?

My family

  1. Embarrassing moments when you were a child?

Hmmm I can’t remember

  1. Favorite part/s of your face?

My eyes

  1. What are the things you are thankful for?

I’m thankful to God for giving my life and for the blessings. I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Him.


Give 11 random facts about yourself.

  1. I’m currently on my Second year studying BS in Graphic Design and Multimedia Art at De La Salle University Dasmarinas
  2. I love to draw, paint and do Digital Arts
  3. I love to read.
  4. I love TEA
  5. I love using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  6. I inherited my love for reading and collecting books from my mother.
  1.  I make fanarts of my favourite celebrities. You could visit it here:
  1. I own a bookstagram @bookishwanderlust
  2. I haven’t read the Hunger Games
  3. Little Prince was the first book I’ve ever read because of school and it got me into reading during 5th grade
  4. I’m irrevocably and unconditionally in love with William Herondale and Benton James Kessler

Here are the questions for the blogs that I tagged:

  1. How many books are you planning to read on 2016?
  2. Favorite book you’ve read this 2015.
  3. Books you’re ashamed you haven’t read.
  4. Book that made you cry
  5. What book got you into reading?
  6. What is your all time favorite book?
  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. Book that you hate but everybody loves.
  9. Who is your ultimate fictional book boyfriend?
  10. Fictional character that you could totally relate to.
  11. Favorite bromance?

These are the book blogs I’ve tagged.

Jaymee of bookciology

Pearl of bibliopearl


Nicka of readbynicka




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