The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson


Andie had it all planned out.

When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future.

Important internship? Check.

Amazing friends? Check.

Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life.

Because here’s the thing—if everything’s planned out, you can never find the unexpected.

And where’s the fun in that?


“I could do this. If whole galaxies could change, so could I.”

Morgan Matson is the queen of summer contemporary reads. Her other books includes Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, Second Chance Summer, Since You’ve Been Gone and The Unexpected Everything which is set in a small town of Stanwich Connecticut. Having been read Since You’ve Been Gone and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour last summer, I desperately want to get my hands on this new release. I have a high expectation seeing a lot of great reviews and ratings on Goodreads and Instagram and it never disappointed me. I have read a lot of fantasy and heartbreaking books over the summer including Lady Midnight and Cress. I’m now looking for a light and fluffy read and this brought me into The Unexpected Everything.

I was supposed to buy A Court of Mist and Fury when I went to our local bookstore but sadly it’s unavailable. I stumble upon this pretty cover because who couldn’t resist thos cute dogs? I was also curious when I read the synopsis so I decided yes! I SHALL BUY YOU.

The Unexpected Everything follows a teenage girl named Andie Walker who has her summer planned out. She likes everything to be in order including her summer internship at John Hopkins. Everything goes unexpected when her father, a congressman, gets wrapped up in a political scandal which ends up having her internship withdrawn and getting a summer job to walk dogs. This book talks about family, friendship,  and love which I love about Morgan Matson’s books. Amy and Roger’s Epic detour has pictures from roadtrips while Since You’ve Been Gone has playlist and The Unexpected Everything has emojis which I love. The mood of this book is light although at some point there were parts where in things gets to dramatic, intense and infuriating. It’s a perfect blend for a YA book though. It has over 500 pages book which is long for a contemporary book but I flew through it. I read the half of it for one night!

The character development is believable and compelling. From the beginning until the end, you’ll see how Andie will grow as a main character. Although there were some parts where she gets to annoying especially on the climax of the book. Her decisions and indecisiveness makes her a bit frustrating but the ending completely made up for the annoying parts. Andie’s father is still on investigation after his political scandal which leads him to stay at home over the summer and do his job as a father.I love how their relationship grew from nonexistent to a really close father-daughter relationship. Andie has three friends: Bri, Palmer and Toby who were best friends since they were a kid. The love interest of Andie is Clark. He has an interesting job and kind a geeky type of guy which I won’t talk because it might spoil you. It’s better if you do not know who Clark is and just enjoy the book. It’s quite an instalove when Andie and Clark met.

Since You’ve Been Gone is the best Morgan Matson I have ever read. I gave this a 4.5 stars on Goodreads. As you all know, Morgan Matson wil visit Philippines this year!! I can’t hardly wait! She confirmed it on twitter. If you haven’t read her books grab your copies now!






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4 thoughts on “The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

      1. I loved it so much. Emily was so cute and relatable and frank was just the best boyfriend material !! – I think I’ll have a review up tomorrow 🙂 I’ll check out Amy and Roger then 😀


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