Ebook vs. Traditional Book

The advancement of technology is changing our fast-paced world. We could all use the internet and applications to make out day to day lives more accessible. There are a lot of mediums today that we could use for reading books. All you need is search Google and download e-books. There’s no payment needed. Tablets, smartphones, Kindle, and e-readers has become a trend nowadays. Why not visit the local library or bookstore?

E-books  has also its disadvantages even though it’s     much cheaper, easier to carry on the go, can adjust the brightness and size, read in the dark, and millions of books in one device. It’s also light compared to the huge size Hard bounds. It’s unhealthy way of reading because it can make eyes dry and blurry due to tiredness.

People don’t realize that there’s pleasure in reading physical copies. Reading physical books can let us feel and smell the pages between the book. I know, carrying books is heavy and bulky especially Hard bounds. There’s nothing more satisfying than to see your books pile up on the shelf. Reading books is easier for the eyes and holding it can make you experience the story without distractions. No need to charge it unlike e-readers that uses electricity. Lastly, it relaxes your soul and takes you away from technology and social medias.

The argument between E-book vs Traditional books has been debated on the internet for years already. There are people who are in favor with e-book and other with books. In my case, I read both on e-books and books. I’m in  love with hoarding, collecting physical copies and even write reviews about it. I even go to signing and let the authors sign my books. It depends on the book that I’m reading. If it’s an auto-buy author and worth it, then I’ll buy the physical ones. I only read on e-books if I’m looking for a good book to read and to see if it’s worth it.

In my case, it is a case to case basis. There’s no definite winner between those two. Whether you are a book lover or e-book reader it doesn’t matter what medium you use as long as you’re enjoying the book. What matters is the inside and letting yourself immerse to the world you’re in to.


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